Stepping Stones

Thoughts and Tips to help pass over the puddles of life

Stepping Stones For Life: about the mission

“A journey of  a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
-Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher (604 BC – 531BC)
Steps. We have them everywhere in physical and theoretical form. They are used to lay out plans or to explain how this or that person reached whatever point in their lives. “First… next… then…” is the narrative sequence of our lives and used as frequently as “1st, 2nd, 3rd”. Step-by-step instructions are rooted into our cultural and personal functions. We use them for everything from putting together furniture to repairing broken lifestyles.
This project is one more set of steps waiting for application to our experience of life. Except, instead of set process that must be applied in one direction, it is made up of “stepping stones.” These stones are reflections on and tools for living a positive and productive life. They can be applied together as a complete pathway or taken and integrated stone by stone into your life where they fit best.The way I see things, our lives are one big road of stepping stones (or journey) and as we go along it we will spot all sorts of things both positive and negative. These positive and negative are all a part of the journey; just as ancient scenery and bumps are expected of a cobblestone road. How we respond to both elements is what determines our experience. Two people may travel down the same physical road but have two entirely different outlooks on how bumpy or beautiful it may have been. The variation in experience is based on the tools–or alternative stones–used by each individual to smooth out their journey

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