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Story from a Grandfather- (let life live)

The other day I was sitting with my grandfather and we were talking about dreams and how they can often have a lesson to teach. To emphasize his point, he told me about one particular dream he had as a child that teaches out the importance to accept life once in a while instead of trying to run away. 

In the dream he was sitting on a swing and trying to swing back and forth but suddenly the swing just stopped moving. It refused to budge. No matter how much he pushed or tried to pump his legs to get the thing moving it would just remain stationary. To top the oddity of the dream off there was a huge dog running strait for him. Grandpa wanted to ge the swing to go higher so he could get away before the dog would eat him. But no luck. The dog ate him in one big swallow. Afterwards his dream would be dark for a few minutes and then he would find himself on that same swing again in the exact same situation. The sequence of getting stuck and eaten would repeat itself in a loop over and over.
Finally Grandpa decided what was the point of trying to swing away if he would only get eaten again. He just sat there and the dog came and ate him. After that the dream ended.
While retelling this dream to me, my grandpa said something interesting. He said: “At first the dog eating me was a nightmare. But after a few repetitions the fear went away. I just came to accept it and wasn’t scared anymore.”
My interpretation:
The dog coming to eat my grandfather represented fear and suffering that can be experienced in life.
The swing refusing to budge indicates that fear and suffering can not be avoided. No matter what we will all come face to face with some sort of suffering.
Finally, my grandfather’s change in emotion towards his dream teaches a valuable lesson. When he tried to fight his fate and swing away from the dog the dream was a nightmare. Then, after he finally gives in and realizes that the dog would come and get him no matter what, he learns that it is best to go through life accepting suffering as something natural that can not be avoid and only accepted.
What do you think of my Grandfather’s story? Does it hold the same message for you? 
Does the retelling of this dream remind you of any dreams you’ve had or hear of that could teach a life lesson? 

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This entry was posted on May 5, 2012 by in Thought.
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